Friday, March 19, 2010

Opera Mini for iPhone

Opera browser will soon launch a mobile version for the iPhone.

Until now, Opera has been available for smart mobile phone with the Blackberry platform, Windows Mobile, and Android. While Opera Mini is used for more than 50 million mobile phone owners used.

Apple itself has not responded to this statement of the Opera. A number of the suspect Apple will reject this application because it can threaten Safari. Apple always said it will not accept applications that are similar to congenital iPhone applications.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Google: 2013, Desktop PC History will end.

According to the report SiliconRepublic, John Herlihy, Vice President of Global Ad Operations Google claims, in the next three years, the PC desktop is no longer relevant to be used.

The statement expressed in a speech at the conference Digital Landscapes, which took place in Dublin, Ireland.

"In Japan, most of the searches conducted today, took place in the smartphone, rather than on the PC," Herlihy said, as quotes from PC Advisor, March 18, 2010.

This Herlihy statement is a repetition of what had disclosed Eric Schmidt, Google's chief executive officer. When he mentioned that the giant search engine that focuses more on the mobile segment, not the desktop search. He also urged the application developer to do the same steps.

Microsoft: Blu-ray makes the PS3 price rises.

Found Again, Malware at HTC's Android phone

Traces of the former Mariposa botnet that has not been found to function in Magic HTC phones in circulation by the operator Vodafone in Spain. The information disclosed by Panda, a security specialist firm on their official blog.

Once again, the malware is found again on the memory card SD card that is sent in packets Android-based smartphone in question.

Previously, 8 March, Vodafone spokesman has stated that these cases are unintentional mistake and did not affect many products. However, Pedro Bustamante, Senior Research Adviser Panda said that it is associated with a particular Refurbish phone.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dozen of Tibetan Poeple Eat Strike.

About 20 people are exiled Tibetans jailed in Nepal and held a hunger strike, Wednesday, March 17, 2010. They demanded that immediate release from prison. Katmandu police have been ordered to immediately bring the prisoners to the hospital if their health condition deteriorated.

The 23 Tibetans were arrested on March 10 and March 14 and for opposing the government of China to ban all forms of protest, with the siege at the visa office of the Embassy of China in Kathmandu.

Mflow integrate Twitter and iTunes

Bored with the lack of social interaction in the pages of music stores in the iTunes network? Mflow provides services for music enthusiasts who want to share with friends.

Like iTunes, you can search songs and listen to samples along the 30 seconds before you buy. Page Daily Telegraph reported that mflow sold in the form of songs, DRM-free MP3 at 320 kbps.

You can have accounts in mflow and follow (following) the account of others, such as the Micro-blogging Twitter page. Then, the account owners can share songs (flow). If the other account owner sends a song, you can hear the whole song without paying.

Facebook Beat Google

Pages social networking site Facebook has become the most popular in the United States (U.S.), last week. This also marks the success of Facebook beat Google's search engine giant for the first time.

Experian network analyst firm Hitwise said that the number of visitors for Facebook much more than Google visitors until 13 March.

"This shows that the content sharing service more attractive and encourage people to surf the Internet," said Hitwise spokesman Matt Tatham was quoted as saying on CNN television stations pages.